Milkweed for Hunting: 2 oz Gallon Bag Natural Wind and Thermal Reader


2oz of Milkweed for Hunting, enough to last the entire season.

“I’ve been hunting for 20 plus years. I’ve now tested the milkweed for hunters from my tree stand and it tells a totally different story compared to powder which dissipates quickly in the air. It will guarantee more successful outings I can promise that.” – Brandon H.

Our Milkweed for Hunting has some seeds remaining to give you the option of using just the fiber or a seed-anchored fiber for more windy conditions. You will get a fully stuffed gallon ziplock bag containing 2 oz of milkweed for hunting.

Using Milkweed Fluff is one of the best ways to view thermals and read the air flows to show how their scent is being carried. Chalk dissipates quickly in the wind, but Milkweed catches the wind and remain aloft, revealing the full path of thermal pulls. Our Milkweed for Hunting is also an excellent fire starter and quick insulator for thin gloves when caught in unexpected temperatures.

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We offer a selection of Milkweed for Hunting to provide a natural, sustainable solution to reading thermals and tracking wind direction.

What are thermals? As Bowhunter magazine explains:

By definition, a thermal is a column of air particles that rises or falls. Warmer air is less dense than cooler air, and changing temperatures cause a distinct displacement of air, effectively creating thermal wind currents. The entire process is controlled by the sun, or lack thereof. The atmosphere warms and cools, causing air to rise and fall.

When the air heats up — usually shortly after daybreak — it rises. This causes updrafts, and these can last anywhere from three to four hours, or until well after noon. Then, there’s usually a dead period when there aren’t any thermals. They level out. Normal winds take over completely and remain in control until thermals begin to play a role again in the afternoon.

When the air starts cooling back down — usually beginning in late afternoon — it falls. This results in downdrafts, and generally spans the last 30 minutes to two hours of daylight.

You will receive a 2 oz bag of Milkweed for Hunting (a fully packed gallon ziplock bag). This specific batch of Milkweed floss has some seeds remaining in it, providing a choice of using either fiber without seeds or some lightly anchored by a seed depending on your need in the face of changing wind patterns and intensity.

An added bonus for using Milkweed for Hunting is that it is an excellent insulator in the wild. As writes, “One of nature’s best insulators is milkweed floss, that puffy white stuff that blows through the fields in the fall … Whatever you do, don’t waste time trying to collect the loose floss. You’ll go mad trying to collect just a tiny bit.”

The solution? Buy a big bag of it here! If you’re out in the field and realize your gloves just aren’t cutting it in the cold, stuff some milkweed floss in them, and you have an insulator warmer than wool!

Want Milkweed Floss without seeds? Get our Grade A Seedless Milkweed Floss here.

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